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the things of the past

The first in a short series of references to things I’ve written in the past and which saw various levels of the-light-of-day.

“Spoken In Darkness” from an e-zine (sadly now defunct) called PANTECHNICON (edited by Trudi Topham et al).

Issue Five contains lots of great stuff…and also my story, which is about God, the Devil, and the private detective who finds himself stuck in the middle.

Still available online from here: Pantechnicon Five

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possible futures ii

When mad scientists/aliens finally start uplifting and or genetically engineering animals I’d like a pangolin butler/valet /bodyguard. If it’s not too much trouble. Preferably whilst I work as a consulting detective in a strange solar punk future where cities are covered with bioluminescent flowers and shaded by trees as tall as Taipei 101

pangolin_butlerThe inevitable comic about these crime-fighting adventures will be called Type A. Once I get around to writing it. And find an artist.



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